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Some of the baddest rough neck bitches.

We'll fuck yo ass up!

The Crazy Bitches of the World, inc.
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This is for all them crazy bitches that are flawless out there.
You know who the fuck you are!

Are you vengeful? Do you wear fake hair and/or nails? Does it take more than an hour for you to get ready? Do you have random spouts of anger or mania? Do you smoke crack? Do you carry weapons? Do you drink until you pass in a gutter? Are you a slut? Are you a drag queen? Do you like to key people's cars? Does hurting someone's feelings make you happy? Are you flawless at the club? Do you wear short skirts with no panties? Do you drink malt liqour? Do you like to cut bitches? Are you in a gang? Have you been institutionalized? Do you swang on people that look at you funny? Is you wig toreup like the bitch on Holiday Heart? Are you a PINK girl? Are you bitch because you were raised in the ghetto? Do you have a sugar daddy? Do you like to steal things? Do you have mood swings? Does everyone KNOW you are a crazy bitch?

pass out on the ground

If you answered yes to more than 5 of these questions... And if you are a Diva and you are Crazy, WELCOME TO YOUR LIVE JOURNAL HOME, YOU FUCK ASS BITCH!